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There are fifteen Philosophers called Scott.

  • Scott Garrett

    Scott Garrett is a Philosopher... (extract from the wikipedia article on Scott Garrett)

  • Scott Soames

    Scott Soames (born 1946) is a professor of philosophy at the University of Southern California. He specializes in the philosophy of language and the history of analytic philosophy.... (excerpt from the wikipedia article on Scott Soames)

  • Scott Shaw

    Scott Shaw (born 23 September, 1958) Contemporary Theatre, Film, and Television... (abstract from the wikipedia article on Scott Shaw)

  • Ferdinand Canning Scott Schiller

    Ferdinand Canning Scott Schiller (August 16, 1864 - August 9, 1937) was a German-British pragmatist philosopher. Born in Altona, Hamburg in the Duchy of Holstein (at that time a part of Denmark), Schiller studied at the University of Oxford, and later was a professor there, after being invited back after a brief time at Cornell.... ( from the wikipedia article on Ferdinand Canning Scott Schiller)

  • Scott Buchanan

    Scott Milross Buchanan (March 17, 1895 - March 25, 1968) was an American philosopher, educator, and foundation consultant. He is best known as the founder of the Great Books program at St.... (abstract from the wikipedia article on Scott Buchanan)

  • Henry Scott Holland

    Henry Scott Holland is a Philosopher... ( from the wikipedia article on Henry Scott Holland)

  • Scott Minnich

    Scott A. Minnich is an associate professor of microbiology at the University of Idaho, and a fellow at the Discovery Institute's Center for Science and Culture.... (abstract from the wikipedia article on Scott Minnich)

  • Scott Johnson (composer)

    Scott Johnson (born 1952) is an American composer known for his pioneering use of recorded speech as musical melody. He was the recipient of a 2006 Guggenheim fellowship.... (extract from the wikipedia article on Scott Johnson (composer))

  • Scott J. Jones

    Scott Jameson Jones (born 23 May 1954) is an American Bishop of the United Methodist Church, elected in 2004. He was born in Nashville, Tennessee and raised in Illinois, Indiana and Colorado.... (extract from the wikipedia article on Scott J. Jones)

  • Denise Scott Brown

    Denise Scott Brown is a Philosopher... ( from the wikipedia article on Denise Scott Brown)

  • Scott Reeder (artist)

    Scott Reeder (born 1970) is an American artist and filmmaker best known for creating with filmmaker Chris Smith (American Movie) in 1999, as well as helping to instigate the Milwaukee-based art collective known as Milhaus.... (excerpt from the wikipedia article on Scott Reeder (artist))

  • Scott Sagan

    Scott Douglas Sagan is the Caroline S.G.... (extract from the wikipedia article on Scott Sagan)

  • Kermit Scott

    Theodore Kermit Scott Jr. (October 18, 1936 - May 26, 2008), an American counselor and professor of philosophy, was a childhood friend of Muppets creator Jim Henson and was once believed to be the namesake of Kermit the Frog.... (extract from the wikipedia article on Kermit Scott)

  • Jordan Scott Pace

    Jordan Scott Pace (May 12, 1744, Peterborough, England - January 7, 1824) was an 18th-century English philosopher.... (extract from the wikipedia article on Jordan Scott Pace)

  • Scott Bidstrup

    Scott Bidstrup (b. 12 January 1949 in Idaho Falls, Idaho) is an anti-capitalist, a skeptic and a self-taught electronics specialist who has written essays on a range of topics.... (abstract from the wikipedia article on Scott Bidstrup)


Gender: more often male

Meaning: Of scottish origin

Origin: English

Lucky Number: Three

Popularity: Position 10 in 1971, currently decreasing

Famous people

Two hundred and eighty-seven Writers

One hundred and seventy-seven Actors

Sixty-five Journalists

Sixty-three Soccer Players

Fifty-eight Hockey Players

Forty-two Cricket Players

Thirty-seven Film Directors

Twenty-nine Poets

Twenty-six Judges

Twenty-five Baseball Players

Twenty-four Basketball Players

Twenty-one Painters

Twenty Presidents

Nineteen Criminals

Seventeen Golfers

Sixteen Racing Car Drivers

Fifteen Philosophers

Fourteen Comedians

Thirteen Saints

Twelve DJs

Eleven Mathematicians

Eleven Olympic Medalists

Eleven Avaitors

Ten Models

Ten Playwrights

Ten Physicists

Nine Classical Composers

Nine Bishops

Nine Architects

Eight Photographers

Seven Physicians

Seven Astronomers

Seven Conductors

Seven Generals

Seven Inventors

Six Diplomats

Six Naturalists

Six Tennis Players

Five Sculptors

Five Skiers

Five Cyclists

Five Boxers

Four Explorers

Four Economists

Four Sex Workers

Three Dancers

Three Chemists

Three Bodybuilders

Two World Record Holders

Two Ambassadors

Two Nurses

Two Cinematographers

Two Motorbike Racers

Two Climbers

Two Magicians

Two Figure Skaters

One Swimmer

One Surfer

One Spy

One Clown

One Snowboarder

One Gymnast

One King

One Librarian

One Puppeteer

One Prophet

One Prime Minister

One Nobel Prize Winner

One Psychiatrist