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There are twenty-two Criminals called Ronald.

  • Ronald Griesacker

    Ronald Arthur Alexander Augustus Griesacker (born June 14, 1956 as Ronald Laycock), is a former resident of Saint Mary's, Kansas who was arrested March 20, 1998 in Shady Grove, Oregon on federal bank and mail fraud charges. He was released on May 30, 2002, and concluded his parole on Sept.... (extract from the wikipedia article on Ronald Griesacker)

  • Ronald Ryan

    Ronald Ryan is a Criminal... ( from the wikipedia article on Ronald Ryan)

  • Ronald Isley

    Cincinnati, Ohio, United States... (extract from the wikipedia article on Ronald Isley)

  • Ronald Dale Harris

    Ronald Dale Harris is a computer programmer who worked for the Nevada Gaming Control Board in the early 1990s and was responsible for finding flaws and “gaffs” in software that runs computerized casino games. Harris took advantage of his expertise, reputation and access to source code in order to illegally modify certain slot machines to pay out large sums of money when a specific sequence and number of coins were inserted.... (extract from the wikipedia article on Ronald Dale Harris)

  • Ronald Gene Simmons

    Ronald Gene Simmons is a Criminal... (abstract from the wikipedia article on Ronald Gene Simmons)

  • Ronald Ray Howard

    Ronald Ray Howard (July 22, 1973 – October 6, 2005) was a convicted murderer executed by lethal injection by the U.S.... (extract from the wikipedia article on Ronald Ray Howard)

  • Ronald Clark O'Bryan

    Ronald Clark O'Bryan (nicknamed The Candyman) (October 19, 1944 – March 31, 1984) was a murderer from Deer Park in the U.S.... (excerpt from the wikipedia article on Ronald Clark O'Bryan)

  • John Ronald Brown

    John Ronald Brown (born 1922) is a former United States surgeon who was convicted of second-degree murder after a patient died while Brown was practicing medicine without a license.... (extract from the wikipedia article on John Ronald Brown)

  • Ronald L. Burgess, Jr.

    Lieutenant General Ronald L. Burgess, Jr.... (extract from the wikipedia article on Ronald L. Burgess, Jr.)

  • Ronald Bennett

    Father Ronald Bennett OFM (born 1935) is a Franciscan friar and a former spiritual director, sports master and bursar of Gormanston College, Co Meath, Ireland, who was convicted of sexual assault against some of his pupils. His faculties for hearing confession and celebrating mass publicly have been withdrawn.... (abstract from the wikipedia article on Ronald Bennett)

  • Ronald Ebens

    Ronald Madis Ebens, with his stepson, Michael Nitz, as an accomplice, brutally and fatally beat Vincent ChinArticle "20 years ago: The Vincent Chin murder – A product of anti-Japanese demagogy" on Spark, a Chinese American, on June 19, 1982. This led to a federal indictment for violating Vincent Chin's civil rights, but only after public outrage at the probationary sentence and small fine imposed by Michigan Third Circuit Court Judge Charles Kaufman.... (abstract from the wikipedia article on Ronald Ebens)

  • Ronald Jerothe

    Ronald Jerothe also known as "Foxy"(born Ronald Gerote) (May 24, 1947Individual Record - December 18, 1974) was an American mobster and member of the Bergin Crew, who operated out of John Gotti's club, the Bergin Hunt and Fish Club, in Ozone Park, Queens. Jerothe was killed in 1974 by Lucchese crime family associate Thomas "Two-Gun Tommy" DeSimone over a dispute involving Jerothe's sister.... ( from the wikipedia article on Ronald Jerothe)

  • Ronald Dominique

    Ronald Joseph Dominique (born 1964) is an American serial killer from the Bayou Blue area of Houma, Louisiana.... ( from the wikipedia article on Ronald Dominique)

  • Ronald Fino

    Ronald Fino (born June 1, 1946, Buffalo, New York) is a noted Federal Bureau of Investigation and Central Intelligence Agency undercover operative. He testified before Congress regarding Mafia control and corruption in the Laborers' International Union, as well as the Russian mafia and the illegal shipments of weapons to terrorist organizations.... (abstract from the wikipedia article on Ronald Fino)

  • Ronald Turpin

    On December 10, 1962 Ronald Turpin, 29, was one of the two last people to be executed in Canada. The other prisoner was Arthur Lucas who was executed alongside Turpin at the Toronto (Don) Jail.... (extract from the wikipedia article on Ronald Turpin)

  • Ronald True

    Ronald True (Manchester, England, 1891 – Broadmoor Hospital, Crowthorne, 1951) was an English murderer. He was found guilty of the murder of a prostitute in 1922 but reprieved by the Home Secretary on the grounds of insanity and confined for life in Broadmoor Hospital.... (extract from the wikipedia article on Ronald True)

  • Ronald E. Clark

    Ronald E Clark (? - March 1972) was an American doctor, suspected of being a serial killer.... (extract from the wikipedia article on Ronald E. Clark)

  • Ronald Castree

    Ronald Castree is a Criminal... ( from the wikipedia article on Ronald Castree)

  • Ronald Bodenheimer

    Ronald Bodenheimer (1953- ) was a judge in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, convicted of various federal charges resulting, in part, from an FBI probe called Operation Wrinkled Robe. Bodenheimer spent more than three years in federal prison, additional time in a half-way house, and was released on September 21, 2007, to serve the remainder of his term under probation under house confinement.... ( from the wikipedia article on Ronald Bodenheimer)

  • Ronald Allen Smith

    Ronald Allen Smith is a Criminal... (abstract from the wikipedia article on Ronald Allen Smith)

  • Ronald Wolfe (rapist)

    Ronald Wolfe was the last person executed in the United States for non-homicidal rapehttp://users.bestweb.... (abstract from the wikipedia article on Ronald Wolfe (rapist))

  • Ronald A. Gray

    Ronald Adrin Gray (born 1966) is an American serial killer whose convictions include four counts of murder, one count of attempted murder and eight counts of rape. His crimes were committed when he was in the United States Army, stationed at Fort Bragg, North Carolina.... (abstract from the wikipedia article on Ronald A. Gray)


Gender: more often male

Meaning: Advisor to the king

Origin: English

Lucky Number: Four

Popularity: Position 9 in 1943, currently decreasing

Famous people

Eighty-four Writers

Twenty-five Judges

Twenty-five Cricket Players

Twenty-two Criminals

Twenty Actors

Seventeen Bishops

Thirteen Soccer Players

Twelve Diplomats

Eleven Journalists

Ten Presidents

Ten Physicians

Ten Naturalists

Nine Olympic Medalists

Nine Mathematicians

Nine Ambassadors

Nine Avaitors

Eight Painters

Eight Poets

Seven Physicists

Six Generals

Six Classical Composers

Six Playwrights

Five Basketball Players

Five Philosophers

Four Chemists

Four Conductors

Four Film Directors

Three Racing Car Drivers

Three Hockey Players

Three Sculptors

Two Boxers

Two Saints

Two Spies

Two Baseball Players

Two Phychiatrists

Two Photographers

Two Comedians

Two Astronomers

Two Inventors

Two Economists

One Nobel Prize Winner

One Model

One Gymnast

One Figure Skater

One Tennis Player

One Trade Unionist

One Criminologist