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There are eleven Climbers called Peter.

  • Peter Boardman

    Peter Boardman is a Climber... (extract from the wikipedia article on Peter Boardman)

  • Peter Aufschnaiter

    Peter Aufschnaiter is a Climber... ( from the wikipedia article on Peter Aufschnaiter)

  • Peter Habeler

    Peter Habeler (born July 22, 1942 Peter Habeler (1978). Der einsame Sieg: Mount Everest '78, Goldmann.... (extract from the wikipedia article on Peter Habeler)

  • Peter Lloyd (mountaineer)

    Peter Lloyd CBE (born 26 June 1907, Sheffield, England, died Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia, 11 April 2003), was a mountaineer and engineer, a President of the Alpine Club.... ( from the wikipedia article on Peter Lloyd (mountaineer))

  • Peter Hillary

    Peter Hillary (born 26 December 1954) is the son of the late adventurer Sir Edmund Hillary, one of the first two people to have made it to the top of Mount Everest.... (abstract from the wikipedia article on Peter Hillary)

  • Henry Peter Karstens

    Henry Peter Karstens (1878 – November 28, 1955), known as Harry, was the first superintendent of Mount McKinley National Park (now known as Denali National Park), from 1921 to 1928. He was the guide and climbing leader of the first complete ascent of Mount McKinley in 1913, with expedition members Hudson Stuck, Walter Harper, and Robert Tatum.... (abstract from the wikipedia article on Henry Peter Karstens)

  • Peter Kinloch

    Peter Alasdair Kinloch, (born 17 July 1981), is a Scottish mountaineer. Peter is known for his motivational speaking and his work aimed at raising awareness in the charity OCD Action.... ( from the wikipedia article on Peter Kinloch)

  • Peter Harding (climber)

    Peter Reginald James Harding (30 December 1924 – 24 October 2007) was a British rock climber who was prominent in the sport during the period following World War II.... (extract from the wikipedia article on Peter Harding (climber))

  • Peter Johnson (skier)

    Peter Johnson (born August 20, 1956, Truckee, California ) is a former World Mogul Skiing Champion, United States Technical Delegate for the International Ski Federation (FIS) and founder of the Pro Mogul Tour (World Pro Mogul Tour).... (abstract from the wikipedia article on Peter Johnson (skier))

  • Peter Svätojánsky

    Peter Svätojánsky (born January 12, 1977) is a Slovakian ski mountaineer and has been member of the SSA national squad since 1999.... ( from the wikipedia article on Peter Svätojánsky)

  • Peter Mulgrew

    Peter David Mulgrew (1927 – 28 November 1979) was a New Zealand mountaineer, yachtsman and businessman. He died in the ill-fated Air New Zealand Flight 901, an Antarctic sightseeing flight which crashed on Mount Erebus, killing all 257 on board.... (extract from the wikipedia article on Peter Mulgrew)


Gender: usually male

Meaning: A rock and A rock or stone

Origin: Greek and Biblical

Lucky Number: Six

Popularity: Position 31 in 1880, currently decreasing

Famous people

Seven hundred and ninety-eight Writers

Two hundred and seventy-three Actors

Two hundred and four Soccer Players

One hundred and eighty-two Journalists

One hundred and ten Cricket Players

One hundred and one Philosophers

Eighty-eight Bishops

Eighty Film Directors

Eighty Hockey Players

Seventy-three Poets

Sixty-four Diplomats

Sixty-three Painters

Sixty Criminals

Fifty-five Olympic Medalists

Fifty-three Judges

Fifty-one Physicists

Forty-nine Naturalists

Forty-eight Physicians

Forty-seven Mathematicians

Forty-four Playwrights

Forty Architects

Thirty-four Classical Composers

Thirty-three Photographers

Thirty-three Presidents

Twenty-nine Ambassadors

Twenty-eight Chemists

Twenty-seven Saints

Twenty-six Comedians

Twenty-five Sculptors

Twenty-three Conductors

Twenty-three Inventors

Twenty-two Economists

Twenty-one Skiers

Twenty-one Golfers

Nineteen Generals

Eighteen Avaitors

Eighteen Racing Car Drivers

Sixteen Explorers

Fourteen Astronomers

Thirteen Tennis Players

Eleven Basketball Players

Eleven Climbers

Nine Boxers

Nine Chess Players

Seven Dancers

Seven Cinematographers

Six Prime Ministers

Six Gymnasts

Six Spies

Six Librarians

Six Trade Unionists

Six Swimmers

Six Nobel Prize Winners

Five Kings

Five Popes

Five Cyclists

Five Sex Workers

Five DJs

Four Phychiatrists

Four Motorbike Racers

Four Figure Skaters

Three Emperors

Three Egyptologists

Three Puppeteers

Three Prophets

Three Baseball Players

Two World Record Holders

Two Pirates

Two Bodybuilders

Two Magicians

Two Models

One Weightlifter

One Ventriloquist

One Drag Queen

One Surfer

One Snooker Player

One Slave

One Rabbi

One Clown