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Picture showing sex, boy and girl

Gender of Ollie.

Ollie is a name more often given to females.

In a sample of all names from the US Census during the years 1890 to 2006, 28% of the children named Ollie were boys and 72% were girls.

Why is Ollie used for both boys and girls? Often a name is taken from a neutral concept with no implied gender. Sometimes the name can be derived from two different sources, one male and one female. Names sometimes change gender over time!

Meanings of the name Ollie.

Closely related variants of the name Ollie have the following meanings:

  • Olive tree
  • Peace

Origins of Ollie.

One origin of Ollie is Greek.

The origins of names associated with Ollie are: Latin and Gaelic.

Names related to Ollie.

Some names related to Ollie are: Oliver, Livvy, Oilbhries and Olghar.

Lucky numbers for Ollie.

Number 1 playing card;©V.H.Smith

The numerological number for the name Ollie is 1.

Some two digit lucky numbers for Ollie are: 10 19 28 37 46 55 64 73 82 91.

What does this mean? If you believe in numbers having mystical powers, it could be something very important. You could look for a spouse with the same numerological number and choose your house or the date of an important even based on it. For most of us it is just a bit of fun. See if you have the same numerological number as any special person in your life.

How do you work out your numerological number? You use a special alphabet which gives a value to each of letters and then add the values of the letters in your name. You can see excactly how we calculated one as the lucky number for Ollie here: Calculating lucky numbers for Ollie.

Name Days for Ollie.

Name days are different in different countries and for different religions. They are often the memorial date of a saint who has the same name.

Often there are many saints with they same name, so you have a wide choice of name days!

A name day for Ollie is:

  • July 7 (Germany).

Popularity of Ollie.

Graph of popularity of Ollie

Ollie was most popular in the year 1888, where it was at position ninety-six for the whole of the USA.

The most popular decade for the name Ollie was from 1880 to 1889.

The last time that the name was in the top 1000 names in the USA census data was in 1972, where it was at position nine hundred and twenty-seven.

Baseball Players

There are five Baseball Players called Ollie.

  • Ollie Bejma

    Ollie Bejma (born Alojzy Frank Bejma on September 12, 1907 in South Bend, Indiana) was a Major League Baseball infielder for the St. Louis Browns and Chicago White Sox in the 1930s.... (extract from the wikipedia article on Ollie Bejma)

  • Ollie Marquardt

    Albert Ludwig Marquardt (September 22, 1902 - February 7, 1968) was an infielder in Major League Baseball who played briefly for the Boston Red Sox during the 1931 season. Listed at 5' 9", 156 lb.... ( from the wikipedia article on Ollie Marquardt)

  • Ollie Tucker

    Oliver Dinwiddie Tucker (January 27, 1902 - July 13, 1940) was a Major League Baseball outfielder who played for two seasons. He played for the Washington Senators for 20 games in 1927 and the Cleveland Indians for 14 games in 1928.... ( from the wikipedia article on Ollie Tucker)

  • Ollie Welf

    Oliver Henry Welf (January 17, 1889 - June 15, 1967) was a Major League Baseball player who played for one season. He made one appearance for the Cleveland Indians as a pinch runner on August 30 during the 1916 Cleveland Indians season.... ( from the wikipedia article on Ollie Welf)

  • Ollie Vanek

    Ollie C. Vanek (August 23, 1908 — June 29, 2000) was an American professional baseball player, manager and scout.... (extract from the wikipedia article on Ollie Vanek)

Basketball Players

There are three Basketball Players called Ollie.

  • Ollie Taylor

    Oliver Harold Taylor (born March 7, 1947 in New York, New York) is an American former professional basketball player. Taylor was selected by the Cleveland Cavaliers in the 12th round of the 1970 NBA Draft.... (abstract from the wikipedia article on Ollie Taylor)

  • Ollie Johnson

    Ollie Johnson (born May 11, 1949 in Philadelphia) is an American former professional basketball player.... ( from the wikipedia article on Ollie Johnson)

  • Ollie Darden

    Ollie Darden (born July 28, 1944 in Aberdeen, Mississippi) is a retired American professional basketball player.... (excerpt from the wikipedia article on Ollie Darden)

Soccer Players

There are three Soccer Players called Ollie.

  • Ollie Kearns

    Ollie Kearns is a Soccer Player... (extract from the wikipedia article on Ollie Kearns)

  • Ollie Conmy

    Ollie Conmy is a Soccer Player... (abstract from the wikipedia article on Ollie Conmy)

  • Ollie Burton

    Alwyn Derek "Ollie" Burton (born 11 November 1941 Chepstow, Wales)http://www.khscott.... (extract from the wikipedia article on Ollie Burton)


There is one Actor called Ollie.

  • Ollie Barbieri

    Ollie Barbieri is a British actor, best known for his role as JJ Jones in the hit British TV drama Skins.... (excerpt from the wikipedia article on Ollie Barbieri)

Cricket Players

There is one Cricket Player called Ollie.

  • Ollie Rayner

    Oliver Philip Rayner (born 1 November 1985) is a German-born English cricketer. He is a right-handed batsman and a right-arm off break bowler who currently plays for Sussex.... (extract from the wikipedia article on Ollie Rayner)


There is one Criminal called Ollie.

  • Ollie P. Roberts

    Ollie P. Roberts (presumably December 31, 1859 – December 27, 1950), has been mistaken for Ollie L.... ( from the wikipedia article on Ollie P. Roberts)

Film Directors

There is one Film Director called Ollie.

  • Ollie Johnston

    Ollie Johnston is a Film Director... (abstract from the wikipedia article on Ollie Johnston)

Hockey Players

There is one Hockey Player called Ollie.

  • Ollie Reinikka

    Ollie Mathias Reinikka (born August 2, 1901 in Shuswap, British Columbia) was a professional ice hockey forward. In the 1926–27 season, he played 16 games in the NHL for the New York Rangers.... (extract from the wikipedia article on Ollie Reinikka)

Motorbike Racers

There is one Motorbike Racer called Ollie.

  • Ollie Bridewell

    Ollie Bridewell (10 December 1985 - 20 July 2007) from Etchilhampton, Wiltshire was a British motorcycle road racer.... (abstract from the wikipedia article on Ollie Bridewell)

Olympic Medalists

There is one Olympic Medalist called Ollie.

  • Ollie Schriver

    Oliver "Ollie" Martin Schriver (December 17, 1879 – June 28, 1947) was an American Gunnery Sergeant, sports shooter and Olympic Champion.... (extract from the wikipedia article on Ollie Schriver)


There is one Writer called Ollie.

  • Ollie Harrington

    Oliver Wendell Harrington (February 14, 1912 – November 2, 1995), of multi-ethnic descent, was called by Langston Hughes, "America's greatest African-American cartoonist," an assessment that has stood the test of time."Cartoons by the late Ollie Harrington tell it like it was - and is," Ebony Magazine, February 1996 An outspoken advocate against racism and for civil rights in the United States, Harrington lived in East Berlin for the last three decades of his life.... (extract from the wikipedia article on Ollie Harrington)


Gender: more often female

Meaning: Olive tree and Peace

Origin: Greek

Lucky Number: One

Popularity: Position 96 in 1888

Famous people

Five Baseball Players

Three Basketball Players

Three Soccer Players

One Actor

One Cricket Player

One Criminal

One Film Director

One Hockey Player

One Motorbike Racer

One Olympic Medalist

One Writer