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There are sixteen Painters called Lewis.

  • Wyndham Lewis

    Wyndham Lewis is a Painter... (extract from the wikipedia article on Wyndham Lewis)

  • Lewis Miller (Australian artist)

    Lewis Miller (born 1959, Melbourne, Australia) is an Australian painter and visual artist, known for his portraits and figurative works. His father Peter Miller was a painter in the social realist tradition.... (excerpt from the wikipedia article on Lewis Miller (Australian artist))

  • Bill Lewis

    Bill Lewis is a Painter... (abstract from the wikipedia article on Bill Lewis)

  • Maud Lewis

    Maud Lewis (1903-1970) was a folk artist born in Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia, Canada.... (extract from the wikipedia article on Maud Lewis)

  • John Frederick Lewis

    John Frederick Lewis (July 14, 1804http://www.oxforddnb.... (extract from the wikipedia article on John Frederick Lewis)

  • Lewis Teague (painter)

    R. (Rudolph) Lewis Teague (November 30, 1917 in Jamaica, New York – April 14, 1978 Fayston, Vermont) was a renowned American painter.... ( from the wikipedia article on Lewis Teague (painter))

  • Lewis Parker (artist)

    Lewis Parker (born 1926) is a Canadian painter who specializes in historical scenes and North American native cultures. He is also a children's book illustrator, and his work is featured in educational texts used across Canada.... (extract from the wikipedia article on Lewis Parker (artist))

  • John Lewis Brown

    John Lewis Brown (1829–1892) was a French battle, animal, and genre painter. He was born in Bordeaux of a Scottish family of Stuart partisans.... ( from the wikipedia article on John Lewis Brown)

  • Stanley Cornwell Lewis

    Stanley Cornwell Lewis MBE (December 18, 1905 – September 9, 2009) was a British portrait painter and illustrator.... (excerpt from the wikipedia article on Stanley Cornwell Lewis)

  • Lewis Henry Meakin

    Lewis Henry Meakin (c. 1850 – 1917) was an American Impressionist landscape artist born in Newcastle, England, moving to Cincinnati, Ohio with his family in 1863.... (excerpt from the wikipedia article on Lewis Henry Meakin)

  • John Lewis Krimmel

    John Lewis Krimmel (May 30, 1786-July 15, 1821), sometimes called "the American Hogarth" was America's first painter of genre scenes. Born in Germany, he emigrated to Philadelphia in 1809 and soon became a member of the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts.... (extract from the wikipedia article on John Lewis Krimmel)

  • Norman Lewis (artist)

    Norman Lewis (artist) is a Painter... (abstract from the wikipedia article on Norman Lewis (artist))

  • Lewis Kant

    Lewis Kant (born 1952 in Buenos Aires, Argentina) is a Mexican artist and writer who has lived most of his life in Guadalajara, Jalisco. His work has been displayed at galleries in Mexico, Europe and North America.... (abstract from the wikipedia article on Lewis Kant)

  • Edmund Darch Lewis

    Edmund Darch Lewis (October 17, 1835 - August 12, 1910) was an American landscape painter known for his prolific style and marine oils and watercolors. Lewis was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in a well-to-do family.... (excerpt from the wikipedia article on Edmund Darch Lewis)

  • Kris Lewis

    Kris Lewis is an American painter. His work has been seen in the publications Juxtapoz and Modern Painters.... (extract from the wikipedia article on Kris Lewis)

  • George Lewis Luker

    George Lewis Luker, (1841-c.1901) was an English painter and architect.... ( from the wikipedia article on George Lewis Luker)


Gender: usually male

Meaning: Famous warrior

Origin: German

Lucky Number: Nine

Popularity: Position 30 in 1880, currently decreasing

Famous people

One hundred and eighty-eight Writers

Seventy-four Actors

Forty-two Judges

Thirty-seven Soccer Players

Thirty-six Journalists

Twenty-five Cricket Players

Twenty-two Presidents

Nineteen Bishops

Nineteen Poets

Eighteen Basketball Players

Seventeen Philosophers

Sixteen Painters

Fifteen Physicians

Fourteen Architects

Thirteen Criminals

Thirteen Diplomats

Thirteen Film Directors

Twelve Comedians

Twelve Generals

Ten Physicists

Nine Naturalists

Eight Chemists

Eight Olympic Medalists

Eight Avaitors

Eight Inventors

Seven Hockey Players

Seven Ambassadors

Seven Explorers

Seven Conductors

Six Mathematicians

Six Playwrights

Five Saints

Four Trade Unionists

Four Economists

Four Astronomers

Four Slaves

Four Baseball Players

Four Boxers

Three Tennis Players

Three Racing Car Drivers

Three Classical Composers

Three Golfers

Three Photographers

Three Models

Two Cyclists

Two Nurses

Two Prime Ministers

Two Prophets

Two Kings

Two Nobel Prize Winners

Two DJs

One Ventriloquist

One Emperor

One Egyptologist

One Swimmer

One Sculptor

One Rabbi

One Puppeteer

One Bodybuilder

One Dancer

One Pirate

One Psychiatrist