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There are twenty-five Journalists called Kenneth.

  • Kenneth Wolstenholme

    Kenneth Wolstenholme DFC & Bar (17 July 1920 – 25 March 2002) was the football commentator for BBC television in the 1950s and 1960s, most notable for his commentary during the 1966 FIFA World Cup which included the famous phrase "they think it's all over".... (extract from the wikipedia article on Kenneth Wolstenholme)

  • Kenneth Clark

    Kenneth Clark is a Journalist... (excerpt from the wikipedia article on Kenneth Clark)

  • Kenneth Tynan

    Kenneth Peacock Tynan (2 April 1927 - 26 July 1980) was an influential and often controversial British theatre critic and writer well known for being the first person to say "fuck" on the BBC.... (abstract from the wikipedia article on Kenneth Tynan)

  • Kenneth R. Timmerman

    Kenneth R. Timmerman (born November 4, 1953- ) is a journalist, political writer, and conservative Republican activist who in 2000 was a candidate for the Republican nomination for U.... (extract from the wikipedia article on Kenneth R. Timmerman)

  • Kenneth Kantzer

    Kenneth S. Kantzer (March 29, 1917 – June 20, 2002), was an influential theologian and educator in the evangelical Christian tradition.... (excerpt from the wikipedia article on Kenneth Kantzer)

  • Kenneth Tomlinson

    Kenneth Y. Tomlinson (born August 3, 1944) is an American government official.... (extract from the wikipedia article on Kenneth Tomlinson)

  • Kenneth Adam

    Kenneth Adam CBE (born on 1 March 1908 in Nottingham; died 18 October 1978) was an English journalist and broadcasting executive, who from 1957 until 1961 served as the Controller of the BBC Television Service.... (abstract from the wikipedia article on Kenneth Adam)

  • Kenneth W. Royce

    Kenneth W. Royce is an American author who primarily writes under the pen-name of Boston T.... (excerpt from the wikipedia article on Kenneth W. Royce)

  • Kenneth Whyte

    Kenneth Whyte (born August 12, 1960) is a Canadian newspaper and magazine editor. He has been publisher and editor-in-chief of the weekly Maclean's newsmagazine since March 2005.... (abstract from the wikipedia article on Kenneth Whyte)

  • Kenneth S. Davis

    Kenneth Sydney Davis (September 29, 1912 – June 10, 1999) was a historian and university professor, most renowned for his series of biographies of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Davis also wrote biographies of Charles Lindbergh, Adlai Stevenson, and authored the first biography of General Dwight D.... ( from the wikipedia article on Kenneth S. Davis)

  • Kenneth G. T. Webster

    Kenneth Grant Tremayne Webster (1871 – 1942) was a Canadian-born American literary scholar. He was born in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, and was educated at Dalhousie University, graduating in 1892.... (abstract from the wikipedia article on Kenneth G. T. Webster)

  • John Kenneth Gormley

    John Kenneth Gormley (born August 2, 1957) is a Canadian radio talk show host.... ( from the wikipedia article on John Kenneth Gormley)

  • Kenneth Turan

    Kenneth Turan () (born October 27, 1946) is an American film critic and Lecturer in the Master of Professional Writing Program at the University of Southern California.... (extract from the wikipedia article on Kenneth Turan)

  • Kenneth Cook

    Kenneth Cook (1929–1987) was a prolific Australian journalist, film director, screenwriter, TV personality and novelist best known for his works Wake in Fright, which is still in print five decades after its first publicationCurtis Brown Australia - Literary Estates - Kenneth Cook, and the humorous Killer Koala trilogy.... (abstract from the wikipedia article on Kenneth Cook)

  • Kenneth Stonehouse

    Kenneth Stonehouse (10 May 1908-1 August 1941) was a British journalist who worked with the Reuters news agency in the United States and Europe. He was killed in the downing of BOAC Flight 777.... (extract from the wikipedia article on Kenneth Stonehouse)

  • Kenneth Weaver

    Kenneth Franklin Weaver (born November 29, 1915) enjoyed a substantial 33-year career as a writer for the National Geographic Magazine. His prolific tenure with National Geographic produced articles encompassing a range of subjects until he retired as Senior Science Editor in 1985.... (excerpt from the wikipedia article on Kenneth Weaver)

  • Kenneth L. Dixon

    Kenneth L. Dixon is a Journalist... (abstract from the wikipedia article on Kenneth L. Dixon)

  • Kenneth Macgowan

    Kenneth Macgowan (November 30, 1888 – April 27, 1963) was a film producer. He was the recipient of a 1934 Academy Award for Best Color Short Film for La Cucaracha.... (excerpt from the wikipedia article on Kenneth Macgowan)

  • Demetra Kenneth Brown

    Demetra Kenneth Brown (1877 – 1946) was a Greek-American author, born on the island of Bouyouk Ada, Sea of Marmora. Her early life was passed in close touch with the Turkish people, but many of their customs revolted her, especially the prearranged marriages.... ( from the wikipedia article on Demetra Kenneth Brown)

  • Kenneth Brown (journalist)

    Kenneth Brown (1868- ? ) was an American author and journalist, born in Chicago.... (extract from the wikipedia article on Kenneth Brown (journalist))

  • Kenneth Eng

    Kenneth Che-Tew Eng is a controversial Asian American journalist and science fiction novelist. He is most widely known for a series of columns in the California weekly magazine AsianWeek, which billed him as "God of the Universe".... (abstract from the wikipedia article on Kenneth Eng)

  • Kenneth Allsop

    Kenneth Allsop is a Journalist... (abstract from the wikipedia article on Kenneth Allsop)

  • Kenneth P. Johnson

    Kenneth Parker Johnson (August 24, 1934 - November 2, 2008) was an American newspaper editor. Johnson was best known for his efforts in the 1970s and 1980s to build the Dallas Times Herald into one of the nation's most respected newspapers, which ultimately failed when the paper was purchased by its rival The Dallas Morning News in 1991 and promptly shut down.... ( from the wikipedia article on Kenneth P. Johnson)

  • Kenneth Gandar-Dower

    Kenneth Cecil Gandar-Dower (31 August 1908 – 12 February 1944) was a leading English sportsman, aviator, explorer and author.... (excerpt from the wikipedia article on Kenneth Gandar-Dower)

  • Kenneth Bacon

    Kenneth Hogate Bacon (November 21, 1944 – August 15, 2009) was an American journalist who served as a spokesman for the Department of Defense during the Presidency of Bill Clinton, and later as president of Refugees International, an organization dedicated to advocating for assistance and protection for displaced persons and promoting solutions to displacement crises.... (excerpt from the wikipedia article on Kenneth Bacon)


Gender: more often male

Meaning: Handsome

Origin: Celtic and Gaelic

Lucky Number: Four

Popularity: Position 13 in 1939, currently decreasing

Famous people

One hundred and thirty-five Writers

Thirty-seven Actors

Twenty-five Journalists

Twenty-four Bishops

Twenty-three Presidents

Twenty-three Judges

Eighteen Cricket Players

Fifteen Poets

Fifteen Physicists

Fifteen Physicians

Fifteen Criminals

Thirteen Generals

Thirteen Philosophers

Twelve Soccer Players

Eleven Avaitors

Eleven Diplomats

Ten Olympic Medalists

Ten Naturalists

Nine Mathematicians

Eight Economists

Eight Painters

Seven Film Directors

Six Ambassadors

Six Conductors

Five Chemists

Five Classical Composers

Four Sculptors

Four Photographers

Four Dancers

Four Astronomers

Three Saints

Three Chess Players

Three Hockey Players

Three Inventors

Three Comedians

Three Tennis Players

Two Architects

Two Spies

Two Basketball Players

Two Explorers

Two Playwrights

Two Golfers

Two Librarians

Two Kings

One Skier

One Trade Unionist

One Rabbi

One Prime Minister

One Cinematographer

One Psychiatrist

One Climber

One Nobel Prize Winner

One Egyptologist

One Figure Skater