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There are sixteen Journalists called Karen.

  • Karen Elliott House

    Karen Elliott House is a journalist and former executive at the Wall Street Journal and its parent company Dow Jones. She served as President of Dow Jones International and then publisher of the WSJ before her retirement in the spring of 2006.... (extract from the wikipedia article on Karen Elliott House)

  • Karen Tumulty

    Karen Tumulty (born 1955) is the Time Magazine National Political Correspondent based in Washington D.C.... (abstract from the wikipedia article on Karen Tumulty)

  • Karen Hepp

    Karen Hepp is a former reporter and anchor on WNYW-TV's Fox 5 News in New York City.... (excerpt from the wikipedia article on Karen Hepp)

  • Karen Foss

    Karen Foss, born Karen Colleen Graham in Kansas City, Missouri on February 2, 1944, was a television anchorwoman on KSDK in St. Louis, Missouri from 1979 until December 28, 2006.... (abstract from the wikipedia article on Karen Foss)

  • Karen Denne

    Karen Denne was Vice President of Public Relations for Enron, where she worked for seven years, most recently heading the company's media relations, internal communications and acting as corporate spokeswoman. Denne previously worked as communications director for the general manager of the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power.... (abstract from the wikipedia article on Karen Denne)

  • Karen Hunter

    Karen Hunter born April 24, is an American journalist, writing collaborator and publisher.... (extract from the wikipedia article on Karen Hunter)

  • Karen Rogers

    Karen Rogers (born March 23, 1970) is an American meteorologist. She has been with WPVI-TV, channel 6 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania since 1996 and is currently the morning traffic reporter and part of the "Double Team AccuWeather" with David Murphy.... (extract from the wikipedia article on Karen Rogers)

  • Karen Tso

    Karen Tso is an Australian television journalist.... ( from the wikipedia article on Karen Tso)

  • Karen Bowerman

    Karen Bowerman is a former broadcast journalist for BBC News 24. She conducted the famous interview with Guy Goma, where an unsuspecting applicant for an IT job was presented as an expert on a legal dispute involving Apple Computer.... (extract from the wikipedia article on Karen Bowerman)

  • Karen Tighe

    Karen Tighe (pronounced "tie") is an Australian Broadcasting Corporation radio and television sports presenter. She grew up and was educated in Sydney where she joined the ABC sports department as a television reporter and presenter in 1989.... ( from the wikipedia article on Karen Tighe)

  • Karen DeYoung

    Karen DeYoung is a Pulitzer Prize-winning American journalist, and is the associate editor for The Washington Post.... (excerpt from the wikipedia article on Karen DeYoung)

  • Karen Maron

    Karen Marón is an Argentine journalist and producer. As international correspondent specialized in armed conflicts and international politics she has covered conflicts in the Middle East, Latin America, Persian Gulf include the most dangerous places of the world as Iraq, Lebanon, Colombia and the Israeli–Palestinian conflict from the Second Intifada up to Israel's military offensive on Gaza Strip in 2009.... ( from the wikipedia article on Karen Maron)

  • Karen Roberts (television presenter)

    Karen Roberts is a British-born television presenter. During the late 1990s and early 2000s, Roberts was an in-vision continuity announcer and newsreader for Border Television in Carlisle.... (abstract from the wikipedia article on Karen Roberts (television presenter))

  • Karen S. Davis

    Karen S. Davis is a Journalist... (abstract from the wikipedia article on Karen S. Davis)

  • Karen Doggenweiler

    Karen Doggenweiler is a Journalist... (abstract from the wikipedia article on Karen Doggenweiler)

  • Karen Voight

    Karen Voight (1955 – ) is an American fitness expert and Los Angeles Times health columnist. She has produced fitness videos and DVDs that cover a variety of exercises from strength and cardiovascular training to yoga and pilates instruction.... (excerpt from the wikipedia article on Karen Voight)


Gender: more often female

Meaning: Pure

Origin: Greek

Lucky Number: Six

Popularity: Position 3 in 1965, currently decreasing

Famous people

Ninety-three Writers

Fifty-one Actors

Sixteen Journalists

Twelve Models

Eleven Poets

Seven Presidents

Seven Olympic Medalists

Six Judges

Six Cricket Players

Six Dancers

Five Swimmers

Five Hockey Players

Four Mathematicians

Four Film Directors

Three Physicians

Three Figure Skaters

Three Physicists

Three Golfers

Three Soccer Players

Three Comedians

Three Tennis Players

Two Playwrights

Two Photographers

Two Painters

Two Trade Unionists

Two Sculptors

Two Chemists

Two Economists

Two Sex Workers

Two Criminals

Two Skiers

One Saint

One Puppeteer

One Snooker Player

One Psychiatrist

One Nurse

One Netball Player

One DJ

One Clown

One Classical Composer

One Chess Player

One Boxer

One Avaitor

One Astronomer

One Architect