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There are thirteen Philosophers called Johan.

  • Johan Huizinga

    Johan Huizinga () (December 7, 1872 - February 1, 1945), was a Dutch historian and one of the founders of modern cultural history.... (excerpt from the wikipedia article on Johan Huizinga)

  • Johan van Benthem (logician)

    Johannes Franciscus Abraham Karel (Johan) van Benthem (born June 12, 1949, Rijswijk) is a University Professor... ( from the wikipedia article on Johan van Benthem (logician))

  • Johan Jakob Borelius

    Johan Jakob (or Jacob) Borelius (27 July 1823 – 1909) was an influential professor of theoretical philosophy at the University of Lund, Sweden from 1866-1898. He has been called "The Last Swedish Hegelian.... (extract from the wikipedia article on Johan Jakob Borelius)

  • Johan Olsen

    Johan P. Olsen is the Research Director of ARENA (Advanced Research on the Europeanization of the Nation State).... (extract from the wikipedia article on Johan Olsen)

  • Johan Quanjer

    Johan Henri Quanjer (23 May 1934 – 13 February 2001) was a Dutch author, publisher and a new age philosopher and mystic who spent most of his adult life in London.... (excerpt from the wikipedia article on Johan Quanjer)

  • Arne Johan Vetlesen

    Arne Johan Vetlesen (born 10 September 1960) is a Norwegian professor of philosophy at the University of Oslo, who concentrates on the topic of ethics.... ( from the wikipedia article on Arne Johan Vetlesen)

  • Johan Magnus Almqvist

    Johan Magnus Almqvist is a Philosopher... (excerpt from the wikipedia article on Johan Magnus Almqvist)

  • Nils Johan Ekdahl

    Nils Johan Ekdahl is a Philosopher... (excerpt from the wikipedia article on Nils Johan Ekdahl)

  • Johan Kemper

    Johan Christian Jacob Kemper (1670–1716), formerly Moshe ben Aharon of Kraków, was a Polish Sabbatean Jew who converted from Judaism to Lutheran Christianity Wolfson, Elliot R. "Messianism in the Christian Kabbala of Johann Kemper", The Journal of Scriptural Reasoning, Volume 1, No.... (excerpt from the wikipedia article on Johan Kemper)

  • Johan Herman Bavinck

    Johan Herman Bavinck (November 22, 1895-June 23, 1964) was a Dutch pastor, missionary and theologian.... (abstract from the wikipedia article on Johan Herman Bavinck)

  • Johan Frederik van Oordt

    Johan Frederik van Oordt; name sometimes spelled as Joan Frederik van Oordt (20 November 1794 – 11 December 1852) was a Dutch theologian born in Rotterdam.... ( from the wikipedia article on Johan Frederik van Oordt)

  • Johan Robeck

    Johan Robeck (1672–1739) was a Swedish-German philosopher who wrote an essay allowing suicide from a theological point of view. His essay started a debate among Europeans of his time, especially after he himself committed suicide by drowning in the river Wesser nearby Bremen, Germany.... ( from the wikipedia article on Johan Robeck)

  • Johan Braeckman

    Johan Braeckman (born 1965 in Wetteren) is a Flemish philosopher. He is professor in philosophy at the University of Ghent and University of Amsterdam, and an editor of Skepp.... ( from the wikipedia article on Johan Braeckman)


Gender: usually male

Meaning: God is gracious, Merciful, Jehovah has been gracious, Has shown favor, The grace of the Lord, The mercy of the Lord, Arrange, Exhibit, Narrate, Tell, Old, Stale, To state, To display, To explain, Abbreviations for names ending in ano and rio, Dawn, God has been gracious, God has shown favor, Supplanter, One who supplants, One who undermines, The heel, Gift of god, Given of God, God is beneficent, Gracious gift from God, Son of Iain, New and Beloved

Origin: German

Lucky Number: One

Popularity: Position 510 in 2002, currently increasing

Famous people

Sixty-five Writers

Eighteen Olympic Medalists

Eighteen Naturalists

Seventeen Soccer Players

Thirteen Philosophers

Thirteen Hockey Players

Twelve Painters

Twelve Journalists

Ten Generals

Nine Classical Composers

Nine Skiers

Nine Diplomats

Eight Explorers

Seven Actors

Seven Poets

Seven Physicists

Seven Architects

Six Conductors

Six Physicians

Six Mathematicians

Six Film Directors

Five Prime Ministers

Five Judges

Five Inventors

Five Chemists

Four Cricket Players

Four Astronomers

Four Boxers

Four Bishops

Four Gymnasts

Three Trade Unionists

Three Tennis Players

Three Ambassadors

Three Comedians

Three Sculptors

Three Criminals

Three Cyclists

Three Photographers

Two Playwrights

Two Phychiatrists

Two Prophets

Two Swimmers

Two Golfers

One Dancer

One President

One DJ

One Sex Worker

One Avaitor

One Snowboarder

One Baseball Player

One Egyptologist

One King