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There are fifteen Criminals called Jacques.

  • Jacques Mesrine

    Jacques Mesrine is a Criminal... (excerpt from the wikipedia article on Jacques Mesrine)

  • Jacques Pierre Brissot

    Jacques Pierre Brissot is a Criminal... (extract from the wikipedia article on Jacques Pierre Brissot)

  • Jacques Nicolas Billaud-Varenne

    Jacques Nicolas Billaud-Varenne is a Criminal... (extract from the wikipedia article on Jacques Nicolas Billaud-Varenne)

  • Jacques Clément

    Jacques Clément (1567 - August 1, 1589) was the assassin of the French king Henry III.... ( from the wikipedia article on Jacques Clément)

  • Jacques Barrot

    Jacques Barrot is a Criminal... (excerpt from the wikipedia article on Jacques Barrot)

  • Jacques de Bernonville

    Jacques Charles Noel Duge de Bernonville (December 20, 1897 – April 26, 1972) was a French collaborationist and senior police officer in the Vichy regime in France infamously known as the man who hunted down resistance fighters during World War II.... ( from the wikipedia article on Jacques de Bernonville)

  • Jacques Chausson

    Jacques Chausson (ca. 1618 – December 29, 1661) was a French ex-customs manager and writer.... ( from the wikipedia article on Jacques Chausson)

  • Jacques Corrèze

    Jacques Corrèze (February 11, 1912, Auxerre—28 June 1991, Paris), a French businessman and politician, was the former chief executive officer of the United States operation of L'Oréal (COSMAIR), the world's leading company in cosmetics and beauty products. He was the adoptive son of Eugène Deloncle.... (abstract from the wikipedia article on Jacques Corrèze)

  • Jacques Cossette-Trudel

    Jacques Cossette-Trudel (born 1947 in Shawinigan, PQ, convicted kidnapper, Quebec separatist (FLQ), communication counsellor and filmmaker.... (abstract from the wikipedia article on Jacques Cossette-Trudel)

  • Jacques Fesch

    Jacques Fesch (April 6, 1930, Saint-Germain-en-Laye – October 1, 1957, La Santé Prison, Paris) was the murderer of a French police officer, who became such a devout Roman Catholic while in prison awaiting execution that he has been proposed for canonization as a saint.... (extract from the wikipedia article on Jacques Fesch)

  • Jacques Colaert

    Jacques Colaert or Jacob Collaart (died September 1600) was a Flemish privateer who during the Dutch Revolt sailed in royal service as one of the Dunkirkers.... (abstract from the wikipedia article on Jacques Colaert)

  • Jacques Desoubrie

    Jacques Desoubrie (1922-1949 Review of Patrice Miannay's Dictionnaires des agents doubles dans la Résistance (Dictionnary of Double Agents in the Resistance ) was a French traitor and double agent who worked for the Gestapo during the German occupation of France during World War II.Pitchfork, Graham (2003, p.... ( from the wikipedia article on Jacques Desoubrie)

  • Jacques Faure (French Army officer)

    For other persons named Jacques Faure please see Jacques Faure.... ( from the wikipedia article on Jacques Faure (French Army officer))

  • Jacques Tavernier

    Jacques Tavernier or Le Lyonnais (1625–1673) was a French privateer and buccaneer supposedly active in the Caribbean during the mid-17th century. Chandler, William Henry, ed.... ( from the wikipedia article on Jacques Tavernier)

  • Jacques van Meegeren

    Jacques van Meegeren (26 August 1912 in Rijswijk, Netherlands – 26 October 1977 in Amsterdam), born Jacques Henri Emil van Meegeren, was a Dutch Illustrator and painter.... (abstract from the wikipedia article on Jacques van Meegeren)


Gender: usually male

Meaning: Supplanter, One who supplants, One who undermines, The heel, Arrange, Exhibit, Narrate, Tell, Old, Stale, To state, To display, To explain, God is gracious, God has been gracious, God has shown favor, Supplant, I love, Healer, He who cures, Merciful, Jehovah has been gracious, Has shown favor, The grace of the Lord, The mercy of the Lord, Gracious gift from God, Polish pet, Seizing by the heel and Supplanting

Origin: French

Lucky Number: Two

Popularity: Position 600 in 1969

Famous people

One hundred and fifty-six Writers

Thirty-four Painters

Thirty-three Actors

Twenty-six Film Directors

Twenty-two Philosophers

Twenty-one Journalists

Twenty-one Classical Composers

Twenty Soccer Players

Twenty Poets

Seventeen Physicians

Sixteen Naturalists

Sixteen Hockey Players

Fifteen Generals

Fifteen Diplomats

Fifteen Criminals

Fourteen Mathematicians

Thirteen Architects

Eleven Physicists

Eleven Olympic Medalists

Seven Sculptors

Seven Inventors

Six Skiers

Five Explorers

Five Prime Ministers

Five Photographers

Four Avaitors

Four Cricket Players

Four Conductors

Four Astronomers

Three Ambassadors

Three Presidents

Three Librarians

Three Judges

Three Playwrights

Three Economists

Two Dancers

Two Pirates

Two Bishops

Two Boxers

Two Mimes

Two Chemists

Two Kings

Two Chess Players

Two Climbers

Two Figure Skaters

Two Saints

One Spy

One Tennis Player

One Trade Unionist

One Cyclist

One Racing Car Driver

One Basketball Player

One Psychiatrist

One Motorbike Racer

One Cinematographer

One Emperor

One DJ