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There are sixteen Diplomats called Hugh.

  • Hugh Foot, Baron Caradon

    Hugh Mackintosh Foot, Baron Caradon, GCMG KCVO OBE PC (8 October 1907 – 5 September 1990) was a British colonial administrator and diplomat who oversaw moves to independence in various colonies and was UK representative to the United Nations.... (excerpt from the wikipedia article on Hugh Foot, Baron Caradon)

  • Hugh S. Legaré

    Hugh S. Legaré is a Diplomat... ( from the wikipedia article on Hugh S. Legaré)

  • Hugh Llewellyn Keenleyside

    Hugh Llewellyn Keenleyside, CC (7 July 1898 – September 27, 1992) was a Canadian university professor, diplomat, and civil servant. He was the Canadian ambassador to Mexico from 1944 to 1947, and Commissioner of the Northwest Territories from January 14, 1947 to September 15, 1950.... (extract from the wikipedia article on Hugh Llewellyn Keenleyside)

  • Hugh Cortazzi

    Sir Arthur Henry Hugh Cortazzi, GCMG (born 2 May 1924) is a British diplomat. Best known as Hugh Cortazzi, he is also a distinguished international businessman, academic, author and prominent Japanologist.... (abstract from the wikipedia article on Hugh Cortazzi)

  • Hugh Fraser

    Hugh Fraser (February 22, 1837 – June 4, 1894) headed the British Legation in Tokyo as Minister Plenipotentiary and Envoy Extraordinary in the final stages of the negotiations which led to the signing on July 16, 1894 of the revised treaty (called the Anglo-Japanese Treaty of Commerce and Navigation) between the United Kingdom and the Empire of Japan. This replaced the 'unequal treaty' signed by James Bruce, 8th Earl of Elgin in 1858 and led to the abolition of extraterritoriality in Japan in 1899.... (extract from the wikipedia article on Hugh Fraser)

  • Hugh McDonell

    Hugh McDonell (died 1833) was a soldier and political figure in Upper Canada.... (abstract from the wikipedia article on Hugh McDonell)

  • Hugh Alexander Dunn

    Hugh Alexander Dunn (20 August 1923 - 5 November 2005) was a diplomat who served as Australian ambassador in Taiwan (1969-1972) and China.... (abstract from the wikipedia article on Hugh Alexander Dunn)

  • Hugh S. Gibson

    Hugh S. Gibson (August 16, 1883 – December 12, 1954), Career diplomat and “career humanitarian” (New York Times, December 13, 1954), was actively involved in disarmament talks from 1925 to 1932, and (together with such colleagues as ambassadors Joseph C.... ( from the wikipedia article on Hugh S. Gibson)

  • Hugh James Arbuthnott

    Hugh James Arbuthnott, CMG. (born 27 December 1936) is a retired British diplomat.... (extract from the wikipedia article on Hugh James Arbuthnott)

  • Hugh Watt

    Hugh Watt (1912 – 1980) was a Labour member of Parliament and Deputy Prime Minister of New Zealand from 1972 - 1974. He was briefly the Acting Prime Minister of New Zealand between 1 September 1974 - 6 September 1974 following the death of Norman Kirk.... ( from the wikipedia article on Hugh Watt)

  • Hugh A. Dinsmore

    Hugh Anderson Dinsmore (December 24, 1850 - May 2, 1930) was a U.S.... (abstract from the wikipedia article on Hugh A. Dinsmore)

  • Hugh Templeton

    Hugh Campbell Templeton QSO (born 1929) is a former New Zealand diplomat, politician and member of parliament for the National Party.... (abstract from the wikipedia article on Hugh Templeton)

  • Hugh Roberton

    Hugh Roberton is a Diplomat... ( from the wikipedia article on Hugh Roberton)

  • John Hugh Crimmins

    John Hugh Crimmins (November 26, 1919 in Worcester, Massachusetts - December 12, 2007) was a diplomat and former United States Ambassador to Dominican Republic (1966-69) and Brazil (1973-78). He was a member of the American Academy of Diplomacy.... ( from the wikipedia article on John Hugh Crimmins)

  • Hugh Pitcairn

    Hugh Pitcairn (August 16, 1845 - July 19, 1911) served as the first United States consul general to Hamburg, German Empire from 1903 to 1908. He was the brother of Pennsylvania railroad magnate Robert Pitcairn and industrialist John Pitcairn.... (abstract from the wikipedia article on Hugh Pitcairn)

  • Ronald Hugh Campbell

    Sir Ronald Hugh Campbell, PC, GCMG (27 September 1883 – 15 November 1953) was a British diplomat who held several important positions at the Foreign Office including, from July 1939 to 22 June 1940, when the armistice between Germany and France was signed at Compiègne, that of British ambassador to France. ‘Campbell, Rt Hon.... (abstract from the wikipedia article on Ronald Hugh Campbell)


Gender: usually male

Meaning: Bright in mind and spirit

Origin: German

Lucky Number: One

Popularity: Position 69 in 1887, currently decreasing

Famous people

One hundred and forty-one Writers

Forty-two Bishops

Thirty-nine Actors

Thirty-eight Judges

Twenty-five Soccer Players

Twenty-four Journalists

Twenty-three Cricket Players

Nineteen Naturalists

Eighteen Philosophers

Sixteen Generals

Sixteen Poets

Sixteen Diplomats

Twelve Presidents

Twelve Physicians

Eleven Hockey Players

Eleven Criminals

Eleven Olympic Medalists

Nine Saints

Nine Playwrights

Eight Photographers

Eight Physicists

Eight Architects

Seven Painters

Seven Ambassadors

Six Mathematicians

Six Kings

Six Avaitors

Six Baseball Players

Six Chemists

Six Golfers

Six Film Directors

Five Trade Unionists

Four Conductors

Four Comedians

Three Spies

Three Inventors

Three Prime Ministers

Three Boxers

Three Phychiatrists

Three Classical Composers

Two Astronomers

Two Chess Players

Two Climbers

Two Explorers

One Cinematographer

One Figure Skater

One Pope

One Dancer

One Prophet

One Racing Car Driver

One Basketball Player

One Sculptor

One Skier

One Nobel Prize Winner

One Economist

One Table Tennis Player

One Model