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There are nineteen Bishops called Graham.

  • Graham Leonard

    Graham Douglas Leonard KCVO, PC (8 May 1921 – 6 January 2010Daily Telegraph issue number 48,085 (dated 7 January 2010) Obituary p31 Bishop of London who became the most senior Anglican defector to Rome since the Reformation) was a British cleric. He was formerly a bishop of the Church of England (Anglican) but became a Roman Catholic after his retirement.... (excerpt from the wikipedia article on Graham Leonard)

  • Patrick Graham (archbishop)

    Patrick Graham (died 1478) was a 15th century Bishop of Brechin and Bishop of St. Andrews; he was also the first Archbishop of St.... (abstract from the wikipedia article on Patrick Graham (archbishop))

  • Graham Richard James

    Graham Richard James (born 19 January 1951) is a British Anglican clergyman and the current Bishop of Norwich.... (excerpt from the wikipedia article on Graham Richard James)

  • Graham Dow

    Geoffrey Graham Dow (born July 4, 1942) was the Anglican Bishop of Carlisle from 2000-2009, the 66th holder of the office. He is a well-known evangelical.... (excerpt from the wikipedia article on Graham Dow)

  • John Graham (bishop)

    John Graham (23 February 1794, Durham – 15 June 1865, Chester) was an English churchman and academic. He was master of Christ's College, Cambridge from 1830 to 1848 and Bishop of Chester from 1848 to 1865.... (abstract from the wikipedia article on John Graham (bishop))

  • Andrew Graham (Bishop of Dunblane)

    Andrew Graham was Bishop of Dunblane between 1573 × 1575 and 1603. He received license for election after the deprivation of William Chisholm II on July 3, 1573, with crown confirmation and mandate for consecration on May 17, 1575.... (extract from the wikipedia article on Andrew Graham (Bishop of Dunblane))

  • Graham Charles Chadwick

    Graham Charles Chadwick (January 3, 1923 – October 28, 2007) was an Anglican missionary and bishop; a gifted linguist (sources credit him with fluency in 11 languages); and an anti-apartheid campaigner. After war-time service in the Royal Navy Volunteer Reserve he was ordained in the Church of Wales.... (excerpt from the wikipedia article on Graham Charles Chadwick)

  • Graham Alan Cray

    Graham Alan Cray is the Team Leader of Fresh Expressions and Archbishops' Missioner Crockford's On-line Accessed 8th June 2008 17:59. Born on 21 April 1947 Cray was educated at Leeds UniversityWho’s Who 2008 (London, A & C Black, 2008 ISBN 9780713672576 and St John's College, Nottingham before beginning his career with a curacy at St Mark's Church, GillinghamChurch Web-Site.... (extract from the wikipedia article on Graham Alan Cray)

  • Archibald Graham (bishop)

    Archibald Graham (died 1702) was a Scottish prelate from the 17th century. From the Graham family of Kilbride, he became a Church of Scotland minister, and was parson of Rothesay before, in 1680, becoming Bishop of the Isles.... (excerpt from the wikipedia article on Archibald Graham (bishop))

  • Richard H. Graham

    Richard H. Graham is the third and current bishop of the Metropolitan Washington, D.... (extract from the wikipedia article on Richard H. Graham)

  • Graham Rose (bishop)

    Thomas Graham Rose (born December 23, 1951) is a South African prelate of the Roman Catholic Church, who currently serves as Bishop of Dundee.... (extract from the wikipedia article on Graham Rose (bishop))

  • Ronald Graham Gregory Foley

    Ronald Graham Gregory Foley was Bishop of Reading from 1982The Times, Wednesday, Jan 13, 1982; pg. 10; Issue 61130; col D New Bishop of Reading to 1989.... ( from the wikipedia article on Ronald Graham Gregory Foley)

  • Andrew Graham (Bishop of Newcastle)

    The Rt Rev Andrew Alexander Kenny Graham is an Anglican Bishop. He was born on 7 August 1929 and educated at Tonbridge School and St John's College, Oxford Who's Who2008: London, A & C Black ISBN 9780713672576.... (abstract from the wikipedia article on Andrew Graham (Bishop of Newcastle))

  • Graham Kings

    Graham Kings (born 10 October 1953) was consecrated as the Anglican Bishop of Sherborne on the 24th June 2009 in Westminster Abbey.... ( from the wikipedia article on Graham Kings)

  • Graham Richard Delbridge

    The Rt Rev Graham Richard Delbridge (22 May 1917 – 8 June 1980) was the 6th Bishop of GippslandDiocesan history from 1974 to 1980. He was educated at Moore College “Who was Who” 1897-2007 London, A & C Black, 2007 ISBN 9780199540877 and the Australian College of Theology.... (abstract from the wikipedia article on Graham Richard Delbridge)

  • Charles Maurice Graham

    Charles Maurice Graham (1834–1912) was an British clergyman who held high office in the Roman Catholic Church.... ( from the wikipedia article on Charles Maurice Graham)

  • George Francis Graham Brown

    The Rt Rev George Francis Graham Brown, OBE, DDHonorary Graduates of Edinburgh University was an Anglican BishopNational Archives in the second quarter of the twentieth centuryNational Church Institutions Database of Manuscripts and Archives. He was born on 27 January 1891 and educated at Monkton Combe School “Who was Who” 1897-2007 London, A & C Black, 2007 ISBN 9780199540877 and St Catharine's College, Cambridge.... (excerpt from the wikipedia article on George Francis Graham Brown)

  • Eric Graham

    The Rt Rev Eric Graham (1888 - 1964) was an eminent Anglican priest in the mid twentieth Century ”Scottish Episcopal Clergy, 1689-2000” Bertie, D.M: Edinburgh T & T Clark ISBN 0567087468.... ( from the wikipedia article on Eric Graham)

  • Archibald Rollo Graham Campbell

    The Rt Rev Archibald Rollo Graham-Campbell, CBE (18 February 1903 - 11 April 1978) was an Anglican Bishop in the mid twentieth centuryChiesa Anglicana in Ceylon.He was educated atEton “Who was Who” 1897-2007 London, A & C Black, 2007 ISBN 9780199540877 and King’s College, Cambridge and ordained after a period of study at Ripon College Cuddesdon in 1927Crockford's Clerical Directory1940-41 Oxford, OUP,1941.... ( from the wikipedia article on Archibald Rollo Graham Campbell)


Gender: usually male

Meaning: Home in gravelled valley

Origin: English

Lucky Number: Seven

Popularity: Position 339 in 1986, currently decreasing

Famous people

One hundred and thirty-eight Writers

Fifty Soccer Players

Forty-two Actors

Forty Cricket Players

Thirty Journalists

Nineteen Bishops

Seventeen Philosophers

Thirteen Poets

Thirteen Painters

Twelve Hockey Players

Eleven Presidents

Ten Judges

Ten Basketball Players

Ten Olympic Medalists

Ten Criminals

Ten Diplomats

Eight Naturalists

Seven Film Directors

Seven Physicians

Six Mathematicians

Six Photographers

Six Comedians

Six Sculptors

Six Baseball Players

Five Physicists

Five Chemists

Five Generals

Five Tennis Players

Five Inventors

Four Models

Four Architects

Four Golfers

Three Astronomers

Three Boxers

Three Ambassadors

Three Explorers

Three DJs

Three Avaitors

Three Racing Car Drivers

Two Spies

Two Skiers

Two Chess Players

Two Saints

Two Classical Composers

Two Climbers

Two Playwrights

Two Figure Skaters

Two Motorbike Racers

One Prophet

One Conductor

One Dancer

One Economist

One Sex Worker

One Gymnast

One Swimmer

One King

One Trade Unionist

One World Record Holder

One Bodybuilder