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There are eighteen Boxers called George.

  • George Francis (trainer)

    George Francis (c. 1929 – 2002) was a British boxing athletic trainer who trained world champion boxers such as Frank Bruno, John Conteh, John Mugabi, and Cornelius Boza Edwards.... (abstract from the wikipedia article on George Francis (trainer))

  • George Dixon (boxer)

    George Dixon (July 29, 1870 – January 6, 1908) was the first black world boxing champion in any weight class, while also being the first ever Canadian-born boxing champion.... (abstract from the wikipedia article on George Dixon (boxer))

  • George Godfrey (boxer born 1897)

    George Godfrey (II) "The Leiperville Shadow" (January 25, 1897—August 13, 1947) was the ring name of Feab S. Williams, a heavyweight boxer from the US state of Alabama who fought from 1919-1937.... ( from the wikipedia article on George Godfrey (boxer born 1897))

  • Dawn George

    Dawn Denise George (born April 30, 1959 in Gardner, Massachusetts), better known plainly as Dawn George, is a former female boxer who has competed against some of women's boxing top athletes. George moved to Lowell, where Micky Ward, another retired boxer, was born.... (extract from the wikipedia article on Dawn George)

  • George Scott (boxer)

    George Kelly Scott (born December 20, 1966 in Liberia), earlier George Cramne, is a retired Swedish professional boxer of Liberian decent.... (abstract from the wikipedia article on George Scott (boxer))

  • George Finnegan

    George V. Finnegan (1882 – February 28, 1913) was an American bantamweight and flyweight boxer who competed in the early twentieth century.... ( from the wikipedia article on George Finnegan)

  • George McKenzie

    George McKenzie (September 22, 1901 – April 1941) was a British bantamweight professional boxer who competed in the 1920s.... (excerpt from the wikipedia article on George McKenzie)

  • George Issabeg

    George Issabeg (born 9 November 1930) is a former Iranian boxer of Assyrian ethnicity that represented Iran at the 1948 and 1952 Summer Olympics. In 1948, Issabeg competed in the Welterweight level and lost in the first round against the Italian Alessandro D'Ottavio, who went on to win the silver medal.... (extract from the wikipedia article on George Issabeg)

  • George Turpin

    George Turpin (born 10 January, 1952 in Liverpool) is a former bantamweight boxer from the United Kingdom. Turpin was unbeaten as a senior amateur against British opposition and after winning the British ABA championship for 2 consecutive years (1971 & 1972) he won the [bronze] medal at the 1972 Summer Olympics.... (abstract from the wikipedia article on George Turpin)

  • George Nichols (boxer)

    George Nichols (born ca. 1907 - 1986won the NBA] [[light heavyweight title by defeating Dave Maier on March 18, 1932, in the 10-round championship match of a tournament held at Chicago Stadium to determine a successor to Maxie Rosenbloom.... (abstract from the wikipedia article on George Nichols (boxer))

  • George Costner

    George "Sugar" Costner (July 22, 1923—October 29, 2002) was a professional boxer. Costner was a major welterweight contender from 1944 to 1950.... (excerpt from the wikipedia article on George Costner)

  • George Araujo

    George Araujo (born May 26, 1931 and died November 21, 1997) was a lightweight professional boxer from Rhode Island.... ( from the wikipedia article on George Araujo)

  • George Gardiner (boxer)

    George Gardner (born March 17, 1877 – July 8, 1954), was a famous Irish-born American boxer who was the first undisputed Light - Heavyweight Champion of the World. He held claims to both the World Middleweight Title as well as the World Heavyweight Title.... (abstract from the wikipedia article on George Gardiner (boxer))

  • Shaun George

    Shaun George (b.March 20, 1979 in Brooklyn, NY, USA ) is a US American professional boxer.... (extract from the wikipedia article on Shaun George)

  • George Mulholland (boxer)

    George Edmond Mulholland (May 10, 1904 – April 1971) was an American boxer who competed in the 1924 Summer Olympics.... (excerpt from the wikipedia article on George Mulholland (boxer))

  • George Dick (footballer)

    George Dick (footballer) is a Boxer... ( from the wikipedia article on George Dick (footballer))

  • George W. Holden

    George W. Holden (February 27, 1948 Medford, Massachusetts - August 22, 1973 Charlestown, Massachusetts), also known as "The Medford Irisher", was a professional heavyweight boxer.... ( from the wikipedia article on George W. Holden)

  • George Maughan

    George Burvell Maughan (May 8, 1910 – June 16, 2003) was a Canadian boxer who competed in the 1932 Summer Olympics.... ( from the wikipedia article on George Maughan)


Gender: more often male

Meaning: Farmer

Origin: Greek

Lucky Number: Seven

Popularity: Position 4 in 1911, currently decreasing

Famous people

Nine hundred Writers

Two hundred and seventy-six Soccer Players

Two hundred and sixty Cricket Players

Two hundred and thirty-one Judges

Two hundred and twelve Actors

One hundred and eighty-six Journalists

One hundred and seventy-two Bishops

One hundred and twenty-six Painters

One hundred and twenty-one Presidents

One hundred and twenty-one Generals

One hundred and eighteen Naturalists

One hundred and one Poets

One hundred and one Diplomats

Ninety-six Architects

Ninety-four Philosophers

Ninety-four Baseball Players

Eighty-three Criminals

Eighty-two Physicians

Seventy-five Physicists

Sixty-nine Inventors

Sixty-six Mathematicians

Fifty-nine Olympic Medalists

Fifty-six Film Directors

Fifty-five Hockey Players

Fifty-four Chemists

Fifty-one Basketball Players

Fifty Ambassadors

Forty-nine Explorers

Forty-three Playwrights

Thirty-six Photographers

Thirty-three Avaitors

Thirty-three Saints

Thirty-three Astronomers

Thirty-one Kings

Twenty-six Economists

Twenty-five Conductors

Twenty-five Comedians

Twenty-four Prime Ministers

Twenty-three Trade Unionists

Twenty-three Classical Composers

Twenty-two Racing Car Drivers

Twenty-one Sculptors

Eighteen Boxers

Fifteen Dancers

Fourteen Spies

Fourteen Prophets

Thirteen Nobel Prize Winners

Twelve Golfers

Eleven Tennis Players

Ten Chess Players

Eight Climbers

Eight Cinematographers

Seven Librarians

Five Slaves

Five Skiers

Four Emperors

Four Popes

Four DJs

Three Cyclists

Three World Record Holders

Three Models

Three Bodybuilders

Two Egyptologists

Two Figure Skaters

Two Ventriloquists

Two Pirates

Two Swimmers

Two Gymnasts

Two Clowns

Two Criminologists

Two Phychiatrists

Two Puppeteers

One Surfer

One Motorbike Racer

One Netball Player

One Weightlifter

One Queen