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Gender of Doane.

Doane is a name usually given to boys.

Although Doane is male, why is it sometimes used for girls? Often a name is taken from a neutral concept with no implied gender. Sometimes the name can be derived from two different sources, one male and one female. Names sometimes change gender over time!

Meanings of the name Doane.

The following meaning is associated with the name Doane:

  • Hill dweller

Origins of Doane.

One origin of Doane is English.

Names related to Doane.

A name with the same meaning as Doane is Boell.

Lucky numbers for Doane.

Number 4 playing card;©V.H.Smith

The numerological number for the name Doane is 4.

Some two digit lucky numbers for Doane are: 13 22 31 40 49 58 67 76 85 94.

What does this mean? If you believe in numbers having mystical powers, it could be something very important. You could look for a spouse with the same numerological number and choose your house or the date of an important even based on it. For most of us it is just a bit of fun. See if you have the same numerological number as any special person in your life.

How do you work out your numerological number? You use a special alphabet which gives a value to each of letters and then add the values of the letters in your name. You can see excactly how we calculated four as the lucky number for Doane here: Calculating lucky numbers for Doane.


There are two Writers called Doane.

  • Melanie Doane

    Melanie Doane is a Writer... (extract from the wikipedia article on Melanie Doane)

  • William Howard Doane

    William Howard Doane (born in Preston, Connecticut on February 3, 1832; died in South Orange, New Jersey on December 23, 1915) was an industrialist who composed Christian hymn tunes. He held patents on wood-working machinery and in 1861 became President of J.... (abstract from the wikipedia article on William Howard Doane)

Basketball Players

There is one Basketball Player called Doane.

  • Dinger Doane

    Dinger Doane is a Basketball Player... ( from the wikipedia article on Dinger Doane)


There is one Bishop called Doane.

  • William Croswell Doane

    The Right Reverend William Croswell Doane (born Boston March 2, 1832George Lynde Richardson, Project Canterbury: William Croswell Doane, First Bishop of Albany (Hartford, Connecticut; Church Missions Publishing, 1933), found at Anglican History website G L Richardson page. Retrieved January 9, 2009.... ( from the wikipedia article on William Croswell Doane)

Film Directors

There is one Film Director called Doane.

  • Darren Doane

    Darren Doane is a Christian filmmaker and music video director."Indie Filmmaker Darren Doane", Chris Finke, Real Magazine.... ( from the wikipedia article on Darren Doane)


There is one Painter called Doane.

  • Henry Doane

    Henry Waltermar Doane (1905, Cambridge, Massachusetts – 1999, Oakland, California) was an American landscape painter and commercial artist who came to California in 1907 at age two. He studied at the California College of Arts and Crafts in Oakland, and the Rudolph Schaeffer School of Design in San Francisco, and he had private lessons with Charles Horton, Otis Sheppard, and John Gerrity.... ( from the wikipedia article on Henry Doane)


Gender: Male

Meaning: Hill dweller

Origin: English

Lucky Number: Four

Famous people

Two Writers

One Basketball Player

One Bishop

One Film Director

One Painter