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Calculating a lucky number for Bowman

The lucky number for Bowman (or any other name) is calculated by using a special table which gives a numeric value to each letter of the alphabet. The table we used is derived from the Kabbalah and used by Hebrew and Arab mystics.

Here are the letters of the roman alphabet and their values:


So the numbers for each letter of Bowman are:


First we add the digits of all the letters: 2+7+6+4+1+5 = 25

Which is still more than one digit
so we add the digits of 25: 2+5 = 7

Which gives Bowman a lucky number of seven!

Calculating two digit lucky numbers for Bowman

The two digit lucky numbers for Bowman are those two digit numbers which when their digits are summed to give a single digit, give the lucky number (seven) for the name.

Mathematically, this turns out to be the set of numbers less than 100 of the form L + 9n (where L is the lucky number and n is a natural number).

Algorithmically, this is:

for ( int i = luckynum + 9; i < 100; i += 9 )

  print( i );

Which, for Bowman gives us: 16 25 34 43 52 61 70 79 88 97!


Gender: usually male

Meaning: The archer

Origin: English

Lucky Number: Seven

Popularity: Position 990 in 1884

Famous people

Sixteen Writers

Six Journalists

Six Actors

Five Soccer Players

Four Baseball Players

Four Bishops

Three Basketball Players

Three Hockey Players

Three Presidents

Two DJs

Two Physicians

Two Naturalists

One Tennis Player

One Sculptor

One Racing Car Driver

One Poet

One Psychiatrist

One Photographer

One Philosopher

One Painter

One Judge

One Avaitor

One Inventor

One Film Director

One Figure Skater

One Explorer

One Criminal

One Chemist