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Picture showing sex, girl alone

Gender of Bea.

Bea is a name usually given to females.

In a sample of all names from the US Census during the years 1890 to 2006, all of the children named Bea were girls.

Even though Bea is female, why is it sometimes used for boys? Often a name is taken from a neutral concept with no implied gender. Sometimes the name can be derived from two different sources, one male and one female. Names sometimes change gender over time!

Meanings of the name Bea.

The following meaning is associated with the name Bea:

  • Blessed

Origins of Bea.

One origin of Bea is American.

Names related to Bea.

Names with the same meaning as Bea are: Asher, Atara, Ataret, Baruch, Bendek, Benecia, Benedict, Benedicto, Benen, Benin, Benito, Benneit, Baraka, Brachah, Eadig, Gweneth, Gwenith, Gwennan, Gwenneth, Gwyneth, Gwynith, Keitaro, Macaria, Mubarak, Barack, Rhydwen, Saelac, Selik, Sena and Terehasa.

Lucky numbers for Bea.

Number 8 playing card;©V.H.Smith

The numerological number for the name Bea is 8.

Some two digit lucky numbers for Bea are: 17 26 35 44 53 62 71 80 89 98.

What does this mean? If you believe in numbers having mystical powers, it could be something very important. You could look for a spouse with the same numerological number and choose your house or the date of an important even based on it. For most of us it is just a bit of fun. See if you have the same numerological number as any special person in your life.

How do you work out your numerological number? You use a special alphabet which gives a value to each of letters and then add the values of the letters in your name. You can see excactly how we calculated eight as the lucky number for Bea here: Calculating lucky numbers for Bea.

Popularity of Bea.

Graph of popularity of Bea

Bea was most popular in the year 1908, where it was at position eight hundred and thirty-two for the whole of the USA.

The most popular decade for the name Bea was from 1900 to 1909.

The last time that the name was in the top 1000 names in the USA census data was in 1910, where it was at position nine hundred and seventy-one.


There are three Actors called Bea.

  • Bea Benaderet

    Bea Benaderet is an Actor... (abstract from the wikipedia article on Bea Benaderet)

  • Bea Fiedler

    Bea Fiedler"the bee" (born 28 June 1957 in Witten, Germany) is a German topless model who entered a paternity suit against Prince Albert of Monaco in 1987. The suit was dismissed because a blood test proved that the prince was not the father of Fiedler's son.... (excerpt from the wikipedia article on Bea Fiedler)

  • Bea Alonzo

    Bea Alonzo is an Actor... (extract from the wikipedia article on Bea Alonzo)


There are two Painters called Bea.

  • Bea Maddock

    Beatrice Louise (Bea) Maddock (born 1934) is an Australian artist.... (extract from the wikipedia article on Bea Maddock)

  • Bea Feitler

    Beatriz Feitler (1938 - April 8, 1982), was a Brazilian designer and art director best known for her work in Harper's Bazaar, Ms., Rolling Stone and the premiere issue of the modern Vanity Fair.... (extract from the wikipedia article on Bea Feitler)


There is one Golfer called Bea.

  • Bea Barrett

    Bea Barrett is a Golfer... (abstract from the wikipedia article on Bea Barrett)


There is one Judge called Bea.

  • Carlos Bea

    Carlos T. Bea (born April 18, 1934 in San Sebastian, Spain) is a federal judge on the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit.... (abstract from the wikipedia article on Carlos Bea)


There is one Pope called Bea.

  • Augustin Bea

    Augustin Bea is a Pope... (abstract from the wikipedia article on Augustin Bea)


There is one Writer called Bea.

  • Jose Bea

    Jose Bea (also known as Josep Bea or Jose Maria Bea Font) is a Spanish comic book artist, born in 1942.... (abstract from the wikipedia article on Jose Bea)


Gender: usually female

Meaning: Blessed

Origin: American

Lucky Number: Eight

Popularity: Position 832 in 1908

Famous people

Three Actors

Two Painters

One Golfer

One Judge

One Pope

One Writer