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Picture showing sex, girl alone

Gender of Adelina.

Adelina is a name usually given to females.

In a sample of all names from the US Census during the years 1890 to 2006, all of the children named Adelina were girls.

Even though Adelina is female, why is it sometimes used for boys? Often a name is taken from a neutral concept with no implied gender. Sometimes the name can be derived from two different sources, one male and one female. Names sometimes change gender over time!

Meanings of the name Adelina.

The following meanings are associated with the name Adelina:

  • Noble
  • Nobility

Origins of Adelina.

One origin of Adelina is Hispanic.

Names related to Adelina.

Names with the same meaning as Adelina are: Abhijat, Acelin, Aceline, Ada, Adair, Adal, Adalbeorht, Adalbert, Adalbrechta, Adalheida, Adali, Adalia, Adalicia, Adalie, Adaliz, Adar, Adelaide, Adele, Adelheid, Adelheide, Adelia, Adelinda, Adeline, Adelisa, Adelise, Adelita, Adella, Adelle, Adette, Adie, Adir, Ady, Aethelberht, Aethelbert, Aethelmaer, Ailbe, Ailbert, Ailis, Ailisa, Ailise, Akela, Albert, Alberta, Alberteen, Albertina, Albertine, Albertyna, Albertyne, Albrecht, Alburt, Alfonsine, Alfonso, Alhertina, Ali, Alia, Alice, Alina, Alisha, Alissa, Alita, Alix, Almo, Alphonse, Alphonsine, Alys, Ardra, Armina, Artur, Artus, Arya, Athemar, Athmarr, Atiq, Auberta, Aubrey, Aubrianna, Audrie, Audry, Auhert, Basilio, Bertie, Brunhild, Brunhilda, Camile, Camillei, Chiram, Cirilo, Coman, Dell, Eadelmarr, Ealga, Edalene, Edaline, Edelmar, Edelmarr, Edolie, Eilis, Elberte, Elbertina, Elbertine, Elbertyna, Elgin, Elgine, Elica, Eljin, Elke, Elmira, Elmyra, Elsese, Elsha, Elsje, Etel, Ethel, Etilka, Eugen, Eugenio, Evgenii, Gambhiri, Gustel, Heida, Idalina, Idaline, Ilyse, Jalia, Karam, Knight, Makram, Monita, Nabil, Nadiv, Nolene, Nolyn, Padraic, Padraigin, Padriac, Padric, Patric, Patricio, Patrido, Samia, Sharifah, Tierney, Trisa, Udath, Pekod, Audelia, Audene, Audrea, Audreana, Audreanna, Audree, Audri, Audria, Audriana, Audrianna, Audrielle, Audrina, Audris, Avery and Nabilia.

Lucky numbers for Adelina.

Number 2 playing card;©V.H.Smith

The numerological number for the name Adelina is 2.

Some two digit lucky numbers for Adelina are: 11 20 29 38 47 56 65 74 83 92.

What does this mean? If you believe in numbers having mystical powers, it could be something very important. You could look for a spouse with the same numerological number and choose your house or the date of an important even based on it. For most of us it is just a bit of fun. See if you have the same numerological number as any special person in your life.

How do you work out your numerological number? You use a special alphabet which gives a value to each of letters and then add the values of the letters in your name. You can see excactly how we calculated two as the lucky number for Adelina here: Calculating lucky numbers for Adelina.

Name Days for Adelina.

Name days are different in different countries and for different religions. They are often the memorial date of a saint who has the same name.

Often there are many saints with they same name, so you have a wide choice of name days!

Some name days for Adelina are:

  • March 18 (Latvia).
  • October 20 (Lithuania).

Popularity of Adelina.

Graph of popularity of Adelina

Adelina was most popular in the year 1902, where it was at position six hundred and forty-eight for the whole of the USA.

The most popular decade for the name Adelina was from 1890 to 1899.

The last time that the name was in the top 1000 names in the USA census data was in 1945, where it was at position nine hundred and eighty-seven.


There are two Writers called Adelina.

  • Adelina Yzac

    Adelina Yzac (born in 1954 in Périgord Noir) is an author who writes in both Occitan and French. She went to school in Sarlat and specialized in literature, Spanish and linguistics at the university of Montpellier.... (excerpt from the wikipedia article on Adelina Yzac)

  • Adelina Gurrea

    María Adelaida Gurrea Monasterio (La Carlota, Negros Occidental, Philippines, September 27, 1896-Madrid, April 29, 1971) was a Philippine journalist, poet and playwright in Spanish.... (abstract from the wikipedia article on Adelina Gurrea)


There is one Actor called Adelina.

  • Adelina Abranches

    Adelina Abranches (August 15, 1866 – November 21, 1945) was a Portuguese stage actress.... (excerpt from the wikipedia article on Adelina Abranches)

Figure Skaters

There is one Figure Skater called Adelina.

  • Adelina Sotnikova

    Adelina Sotnikova is a Figure Skater... (extract from the wikipedia article on Adelina Sotnikova)


There is one Saint called Adelina.

  • Adelina

    Saint Adelina (died 1125) was a French Benedictine nun honored as a saint by the Roman Catholic Church. She was a noblewoman of Normandy, the sister of Saint Vitalis, and a granddaughter of William the Conqueror.... (extract from the wikipedia article on Adelina)


Gender: usually female

Meaning: Noble and Nobility

Origin: Hispanic

Lucky Number: Two

Popularity: Position 648 in 1902

Famous people

Two Writers

One Actor

One Figure Skater

One Saint